Mental Health of Parents is Critical for Children Development

The role of fathers for child’s personality has been underestimated. Children are more vulnerable than girls to the father’s depression.
The teen parent depression, with higher risk.
Good mental health status of parents is critical to the development of their children, especially boys, according to an article published in the British Science Journal The Lancet.
Although the development [...]

Men and Women Perceive The Beauty of Form (2)

One of the new study is the comparison between women and men in terms of the perception of beautiful images and the use of the technique of magnetoencefalografía. The authors had already used in previous experiments that allowed them to demonstrate brain activation by selective stimulation as beautiful for women.
“This discovery led us to consider [...]

Men and Women Perceive The Beauty of Form

While women use both brain hemispheres, the men performed the task with only the right hemisphere. Thus, the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), differences in brain activity between men and women perceived beauty.
Women use both hemispheres of the brain to perceive the beauty while men only use [...]

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