Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

Quit smoking, do more sport, lose weight. Start a new year, 365 days ahead, and with them an endless list of purposes. It always accommodate those related to our physical condition, and therefore our health. New and improved lifestyle habits that promote a healthier state. Unfortunately, many of them do not exceed the barrier’s purpose [...]

Gastric Bypass and Obesity

Medical specialists in the gastric bypass surgery, explained that this is a reduction of the stomach and the absorptive capacity of the small intestine. According to the statistics of obesity-related diseases have risen alarmingly. Doctors from various institutions have suggested that the best way to combat obesity is a surgical procedure, gastric bypass. The gastric [...]

Deadly Cancer

The most deadly types of cancer are lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer, in that order, according to a report by the World Health Organization in the month of July. According to specialists from the WHO to thirty percent of cases could be prevented. However, many factors combine to prevent such prevention. One is [...]

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