Mental Health of Parents is Critical for Children Development

Posted on June 12, 2009
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The role of fathers for child’s personality has been underestimated. Children are more vulnerable than girls to the father’s depression.
The teen parent depression, with higher risk.
Good mental health status of parents is critical to the development of their children, especially boys, according to an article published in the British Science Journal The Lancet.

Although the development of children has traditionally been associated with mental health and personality of the mother – the first model to see the baby just born – the authors believe that this underestimates the role of fathers in shaping the personality of the child.

The University of Oxford (United Kingdom) Paul Ramchandani and Lamprini Psychogiou indicate that children who have parents with some type of mental disorder are more likely to suffer anxiety or even suffer various personality disorders.
In particular, they stress that a child whose parents are alcoholics are more likely to develop in the future dependence on drugs or could even become a criminal in the most extreme cases.
In his view, this influence is more in sons. In addition, adolescents whose parents suffer from some form of bipolar disorder are more prone to suffer from this disease.
Moreover, the authors also show that the behavior and personality of children can influence the mental health of parents, but state that, in general, the transmission is going in the opposite direction.

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