Proper Nutrition is Essential for Infants to Grow Strong and Healthy

Posted on May 11, 2009
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If a child is fed well during his childhood and adolescence are greatly reduced many illnesses related to nutritional deficiencies in adults and helps prevent obesity and diabetes.
The food they must provide adequate amounts are of calcium, vitamin C, A and D, and iron, this is possible when you include varieties of foods: meats, fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc..
Moreover the water is paramount, and the inclusion of fresh fruit juices, milk drinks, etc..

Children should eat:
- Five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day
- The contribution of fibers is also important, for it must be eating cereal and bakery integrals, and some fruit with nuts and many vegetables.
- Choose lean meats, nuts, and also give eggs to provide the protein needed.
- The junk food high in fat and provides no nutrients, so it is best to avoid it.
- All meals must be cooked healthily by: oven, iron, steam or boiled.
- It is better to hand opt for soft drinks and natural juices or water alone.
- The candy is a taste that children will have to from time to time and not a part of the daily diet.
- It is better to give them home-made cookies that already bought the latter often contain trans fats.

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