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Posted on March 22, 2009
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Most of us must be ever experiencing acne in some form during puberty. There are many people suffering from acne that are occasional pimple to severe lesions. Even the severity of acne is varying with each person but this is still can be unpleasant for everyone. As one of health condition acne needs to be treated since there are many medical and skin care products to protect acne on the market today.

Acne can be defined as condition that marked by any inflammation outbreaks as result from blockage of hair follicles or pores. This situation will easily create a hive for bacteria called P. acne. Beside that another type of acne is non inflammatory acne that is whiteheads and blackheads. This kind of acne more manageable compared to inflammatory siblings. After the white blood cell respond the presence of bacterial that increased aggressively inflamed papules and pustules will develop.

There are a few things we can do to prevent acne like adapting your skin regime and your lifestyle by using products that will minimize skin discomfort and to eradicate the emotional stress. Products like mild scrubs, exfoliants and masques that contain salicylic acid concentrate will promote skin peeling by opening the pores. This agent will remove the outer layer of the skin. Products like this will remove the surface of skin cells and boost skin tenacity. Another product like benzoyl peroxide is known to destroy bacteria on acnes, soothe and will rejuvenate skin. By reducing acne bacteria will drastically reduces the onset of acne.

The products that minimize oil like component contain sulfur will draws out facial oil from epidermis and minimizing the probability of clogged pores. This product has less to no side effects like over drying.
Most importantly when you use cosmetics choose that will compliment your acne skin care regiment. Use one that oil free and make up products that are water-based and has non comedogenic label. Choose your cosmetics products wisely and read carefully the ingredients and understand what you are applying to your face in order to minimize any acne.

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