Headache Cure

Posted on February 7, 2009
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Lack of sleep, anxiety or stress are some of those responsible for headaches afflicting four million people.
The solution requires providing specialists quickly to implement the treatment: just when the first symptoms occur. The headaches could be avoided if an analgesic is administered in time, ie within an hour. According to experts, if taken after they lose their effectiveness. Discomfort not only continues, but also the cycle of pain increases.

“If we act when the pain is beginning, quickly cut the spiral and the pain goes, it does not evolve,” explains Dr. Honorato of the University Clinic. According to experts, we have a reputation of self in excess, but when it comes to a simple headache expect much.
Six of every 10 people suffer headaches at least once a month. The causes are well known: “anxiety, stress, work hard,” explained the expert. An analgesic time avoid many headaches and too many casualties in Europe will lose 20 million workdays because of this.

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