Dental Implant, The Best Alternative to Restore Your Smile

Posted on February 18, 2009
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New advance technology in cosmetic dentistry called dental implant has capability to restore a person’s ability to chew or smile and maintaining proper nutrition. The dental restoration is very important for everyone with missing or loose and decayed teeth that occurred naturally or accidentally.

By looking at what happens when teeth is missing we will find that with no pressure exerted by healthy tooth the jawbone will start to deteriorate. Bone in the area of disintegration will make the surrounding teeth less stable within a year. This is a natural process and normally happens when there is no longer any stress to the jaw.
Here we will see that dental implant has many advantages than any typical denture or bridge. By placing an implant directly into the bone the jaw is prevented from deteriorating. Beside that with dental implant that is constructed of titanium we will not find any rejection by human immune system. The using of dental implant with localized pressure will regain the ability to eat normally and maintain bone density.

Dental implant is not only has structural and physiological benefit but also will drastically reduce the inconvenience of messy denture adhesive, eliminate gum irritation and pain because of exposed nerves that associated with conventional partial or full dentures, allow us to speak confidence with natural tome and relax, eliminate you from the need to cover your mouth when smile or laugh and many other advantages.
Most importantly, we need to know that dental restoration certainly more expensive than almost other way even these days this method became the first option for replacing missing teeth.

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