Deficiency Of Vitamin D

Posted on January 7, 2009
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A deficiency of vitamin D in human can cause a condition called rickets, and is characterized by the inability of the body to transport calcium and phosphorus from the gastrointestinal tube into the blood for use by the bones as a result epiphisary cartilage cells are no longer degenerate and continues to produce new cartilage.
In this way the cartilage epiphisary is wider than normal, while the soft matrix deposited by osteoblasts in the diaphysis and not calcifies, this causes the bone is too soft.

When the child walks, the weight of the body causes the bones of the legs are bent, they can also occur malformations of the head, thorax and pelvis. Healing and prevention of this condition is to add generous amounts of dietary calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight also helps the body to produce additional amounts of vitamin D.


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