Playing Video Games Help Improve Vision

Posted on December 14, 2008
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Contrary to what many people may believe, particularly parents, video games are not entirely negative for children, since they could improve their sight thanks to the video games that are just avoided by parents.
A study has shown that action video games are those that enhance the view of users. The most help are those seen to have better shooting mode in FPS or first person, as are known by the acronym in English.
The publication Nature Neuroscience has been in charge of publicizing this research, which could improve the ability of eye.

What happens, according to experts, is that sensitivity to visual contrast helps us to have better vision in some specific situations, like driving at night or in places with poor visibility.
According to Dr. Dahpne Bavelier, who led the study and is a professor of brain and cognitive sciences, the study results came after the experiments show that people who regularly play the FPS had about 58 percent of perception in terms of very subtle differences in contrast.

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