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Posted on December 1, 2008
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Many mornings we wake up with eyes swollen and congested due to water retention. The dark circles and bags under the eyes are symptoms that reflect circulatory problems and little rest. There is nothing worse in a face to look sad, tired. Swollen eyelids and died because of fatigue aging, reflecting weakness, poor health and sadness. Sometimes because of sleepless at night or a great fatigue, others unmask dietary habits and genetic inheritance. In order not to have an opaque look and a sad expression, it is ideal to know the causes of the problem and implementing products or home remedies to alleviate.

With a few simple exercises and eye of origin china based yoga can relax your eyes, eyelids and decongest get our face regains freshness and cheerfulness. Takes note of the following exercises. They are so simple you can make it anywhere: at home sitting on the couch, on the subway reading the paper or on the bus.

Examples of yoga exercises for the care of your eyes
Relaxing view: work in the computer cause eye, so it is necessary to relax your eyes occasionally as we work, we might consider as rules of thumb to blink often and ten minutes to fix the light on an object as far as possible for five or ten seconds.

Palmeo: half-time it is advisable to perform a simple exercise that helps palmeo the relationship of the eyes and around the body. It is performed seated and fill the eyes with the palms of your hands slightly cupped, but not press the eyes. The fingers of one hand placed above the other on the forehead. Then close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine that you are the eyes that are breathing. Auto continues imagining a pleasant landscape in which we carry out an activity that makes us feel at ease, this exercise may take about ten minutes and can be repeated at the end of the workday, with a circular massage of the eyes.

Changes in vision: with open eyes to look up and down, left and right and make a circle. We then repeat with eyes closed. Do it 3 times.

Flashes: with closed eyes and relaxed, gently takes off the upper eyelid. Again to close the lid until you’re stuck to the eye and remove it again. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Pinching in the eyebrows: the index finger and thumb, pinch the inside of the eyebrows (the part that is touching the entrecejo) and then follow the entire route of the eyebrows pinching small. Repeat 3 to 5 times.
At the end repeats the “palmeo” described in the first place.

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