Meals After Bariatric Surgery

Posted on October 11, 2008
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The way to lose weight is very long and sometimes tortuous. While you decide to undergo bariatric surgery you must understand some basic guidelines for food and put them into practice even before the intervention. The food is a reeducation of the most important parts of the process. People suffering from obesity has spent years maintaining an unhealthy diet and habits can be very hard right, but the changes are not only in the amounts or types of food allowed to consume, but also how to eat itself . The patient must learn to maintain a balanced diet, respecting guidelines and timetables.

The majority of overweight people do not follow an order. Skipping meals, peck, stay hungry and then resort to junk food usually compensate for some of the most common problems. Maintaining a schedule helps to eat better and to a lesser extent, even if not strictly follow a weight loss plan. It is essential to start the day with a hearty breakfast including a variety of nutritious foods, as far as possible by limiting the intake of coffee. You can eat in quantity if you choose the best fruits, yogurt, skim milk, cereals and breads integrals. Combining these foods you get a rich breakfast, plentiful and healthy.

Good breakfast helps to improve mental and physical functioning, giving us energy and staying active. On the other hand, allows us to arrive with less appetite at lunch. During the afternoon, before dinner, snacks is important. It must incorporate the same foods for breakfast, although in smaller amounts. This food is important to avoid passing long hours between lunch and dinner. Generally, between food and food go about four or five hours. You can add a small collation (one infusion, one fruit, a yogurt) between each of them to reduce appetite.

Follow these basic directions will give you better control over their food even if you continue eating large amounts or not very healthy food. Once these guidelines are incorporated will be easier to begin the transition to a better lifestyle.


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